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Do you experience the following challenges?

  • Filling labor gaps so you can keep up with your customer’s demands and win new jobs

  • Frustration with unreliable or unskilled employees

  • Making progress, staying relevant, and being competitive in your industry

  • Managing too many moving parts...you need a simplified management

    We have your solution.

    Keep scrolling to learn how you can address these challenges by unlocking your virtual demo and learning more about SENNEBOGEN's line of tree-handlers.

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Next Best Thing to the Live Demonstration

Can't make it to one of our live Demo Days?

Hard to take off work, or find time to travel to see the equipment in person?

Not to worry.  Now you can attend the 'Virtual Demo' at the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule! 

All you need is any device and a Wi-Fi connection. 


Here's What's Inside...


A Technical Breakdown Of  The  Entire Line of SENNEBOGEN  Tree-handlers

Get an in-depth look at every functional aspect of the 718, 738, and 718 RHD

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Videos of The  Entire Line of SENNEBOGEN  Tree-handlers In Different Applications/Environments

   How the tree equipment operates in various settings



An Opportunity to Reach Out to an Equipment Specialist

 See how the 718 or 738 fit into your budget 

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What Our Customer's Say


"It’s not ‘what’ we can do with it, it’s how fast we can do it now, with one person instead of three. Until now, we’d have one guy up in a bucket, and one with a rope, and another one handling the limb either by hand or with a mini-excavator.

Now a single operator in the 718 can handle, or dismantle, trees safely, under control, in a climate-controlled cab. And he’s increasing production by – no joke – ten times! Nobody is in harm’s way here. It really eliminates the hands-on cutting and hands-on handling of the branches. It’s so methodical; it’s like a robot with the right operator. It’s such a great way to ‘dismantle’ a tree.”

Jason Yerke

Jason Yerke Distinctive Tree Care

”This has been a game changer with just  how many trees the SENNEBOGEN takes down, precuts and stacks safely and efficiently.

 This 718 has enabled me to grow without having to add any extra people, which is really huge for us, because in this industry, good people are hard to find.

An analogy I like to use to describe what it's like to use this equipment, is that it's like having a machine gun during the civil war, or like having a printer when books were still written by hand."

Dan Mayer

Dan Mayer Mayer Tree Service

Attend Our Free Demo Day

Why should you care to watch SENNEBOGEN's line of tree-handlers in operation?

  • If you're TIRED of trying to find enough skilled workforce 
  • If you want to MAXIMIZE your existing workforce to be able to do MORE
  • If you want to SIMPLIFY your business but GROW it at the same time
  • If you're looking to do more LUCRATIVE commercial tree work
  • If you want to be a leader in SAFETY, QUALITY & INNOVATION in the tree service industry


You've got nothing to lose and some cool equipment to learn about.