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718 Tree-Handler - FREE DEMO DAY

Cut and Stack Trees in a Tenth of the Time
November 6th, 7th and 10th
Charlotte, NC

Witness the Future of Tree Removal

Increase Safety, Efficiency & Productivity Without Increasing Labor Costs 

Introducing SENNEBOGEN's custom-engineered tree-handler for urban forestry applications

Keep your operators safe and out of the danger zones.

Increase production 8-10 fold without increasing workforce.

Free up extra capacity to do MORE projects and increase company revenue.

Applications Where The 718 Excels

Ideal for Urban Forestry

  • Municipal projects
  • Roadside maintenance 
  • Commercial work
  • Right of way clearing
  • Utility line clearance
  • Storm work
  • Along Rivers and Streams
  • Slopes and Embankment Maintenance
  • And other jobs that require the removal of 5+ trees



 SENNEBOGEN 718E Benefits


  • Safer Work Environment & Reduced liability
  • 10x the trees cut with 1 operator
  • Fuel Efficient
  • Well lit for Night-Time Operations
  • Comfort for Long Hours - no operator fatigue
  • Durable, Reliable, and Easy to Maintain
  • Reliable service - next day replacement of parts
  • Industry Competitive Advantage 
  • Includes a complementary 6-month Marketing Service with every purchase

Technical Specifications 

Working Range:

12,000 lbs when fully extended vertically (48 ft reach)

3,700 lbs when fully extended horizontally (43 ft reach)

Can be equipped with a variety of attachments:

  • Cutting head
  • Forestry grab
  • Collection device
  • Cutting shear
  • Tilt rotator
  • Grab saw
  • Harvester device
  • Mechanical quick-coupler
  • Rotator indexator 
  • and more

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 10.39.59 AM




Refreshments will be provided
We will take you to the Demo sites to demonstrate the tree-care material handler in action
Safety & Operation, SENNEBOGEN Uptime Strategy & Program, Financing Options, Total Cost of Ownership, and Questions & Answers
Food and beverages will be provided

Saturday Demo

We will have an afternoon session from 2:00pm - 6:00pm with the same agenda breakdown as above.


”This has been a game changer with just  how many trees the SENNEBOGEN takes down, precuts and stacks safely and efficiently. This 718 has enabled me to grow without having to add any extra people, which is really huge for us, because in this industry, good people are hard to find.

An analogy I like to use to describe what it's like to use this equipment, is that it's like having a machine gun during the civil war, or like having a printer when books were still written by hand."

Dan Mayer

Dan Mayer Mayer Tree Service, Inc.

 "It’s not ‘what’ we can do with it, it’s how fast we can do it now, with one person instead of three. Until now, we’d have one guy up in a bucket, and one with a rope, and another one handling the limb either by hand or with a mini-excavator. Now a single operator in the 718 can handle, or dismantle, trees safely, under control, in a climate-controlled cab. And he’s increasing production by – no joke – ten times!

Nobody is in harm’s way here. It really eliminates the hands-on cutting and hands-on handling of the branches. It’s so methodical; it’s like a robot with the right operator. It’s such a great way to ‘dismantle’ a tree.”

Jason Yerke

Jason Yerke Distinctive Tree Care

Save Your Seat

If you are ready to 10x your productivity, using LESS workforce to get MORE done, radically reduce safety concerns and liability issues, and get ahead of the competition - then we encourage you to partake in this Demo Day.  

This is an opportunity to learn more about your options and see how it can impact your company.

If you cannot attend this time around, but would like to be notified of another demo day in the future, please choose the appropriate dropdown in the form so we can let you know about those dates.

DD Registration 11/2018

The Venue


1957 Sennebogen Trail, Stanley, NC 28164