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718 Tree-Handler - LIVE DEMO DAY

Controlled Tree Dismantling Done Safer & Faster
9 am on Thursday, June 18th, 2020

Introducing an Expanded Line of Tree-Removal Material Handlers

Whether your operations are in the urban environment or off-road terrain, we have the machine for the job.

718 M E Series - Removes trees up to 75 ft high - on rubber tires

718 R-HD E Series - Removes trees up to 75 ft high - on tracks for added stability

738 M E Series - Removes trees up to 125 ft high - on rubber tires  

194-991 738 E High Res


Witness The Future Of Tree Removal

Controlled Tree Removal Done With Precision, Speed & Efficiency

Come See The 718 In Action

Our live demo day will be held on Thursday June 18th in Stanley, NC. 

It will include:

  • A detailed equipment walk-around
  • Tree-handler in action - cutting and stacking trees
  • Q & A with our team and the operator. 

Download the flyer for more information

Applications Where The 718 Excels

Ideal for Urban Forestry

  • Municipal projects
  • Roadside maintenance 
  • Commercial work
  • Right of way clearing
  • Utility line clearance
  • Storm work
  • Along Rivers and Streams
  • Slopes and Embankment Maintenance
  • And other jobs that require the removal of 5+ trees

 SENNEBOGEN 718E Benefits

  • Safer Work Environment & Reduced liability
  • 10x the trees cut with 1 operator
  • Fuel Efficient
  • Well lit for Night-Time Operations
  • Comfort for Long Hours - no operator fatigue
  • Durable, Reliable, and Easy to Maintain
  • Reliable service - next day replacement of parts
  • Industry Competitive Advantage 
  • Includes a complementary 6-month Marketing Service with every purchase

Technical Specifications 

Working Range:

12,000 lbs when fully extended vertically (45 ft reach)

3,700 lbs when fully extended horizontally (43 ft reach)

Can be equipped with a variety of attachments:

  • Cutting head
  • Forestry grab
  • Collection device
  • Cutting shear
  • Tilt rotator
  • Grab saw
  • Harvester device
  • Mechanical quick-coupler
  • Rotator indexator 
  • and more

718M-E Technical Spec Sheet



Equipment Walkaround & Breakdown
Demonstration and Q&A
We will Demo the tree material handler so you can see it in action. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and talk to both the SENNEBOGEN team and the equipment operator.

Customer Story

What Our Customers Say

”This has been a game changer with just  how many trees the SENNEBOGEN takes down, precuts and stacks safely and efficiently. This 718 has enabled me to grow without having to add any extra people, which is really huge for us, because in this industry, good people are hard to find.

An analogy I like to use to describe what it's like to use this equipment, is that it's like having a machine gun during the civil war, or like having a printer when books were still written by hand."

Dan Mayer

Dan Mayer Mayer Tree Service, Inc.

“The difference to me is the speed.  Being able to go down roads at a fast pace without too much set-up.  By the time others have their cones set up, we’ve already cut down 3 or 4 trees.

You’re never in the danger zone, you’re never fatigued.  We go work sometimes 15 hour days, 35 days straight with over 100 hours/week with no problems.”

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 4.00.49 PM

Robert Frost Owner & Operator of 718E

Save Your Seat

If you are interested in seeing this equipment up close in action , then this is an event for you.  We will be there to answer any questions and provide you with customer case studies and all the facts.

Please register below to RSVP.  

If you have questions and would like to speak to our team, please call (704) 577-0965.


The Venue


SENNEBOGEN HQ, 1957 Sennebogen Trail, Stanley, NC 28164